5 Best Free WordPress themes

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is a bit different. Today I’ll be talking about some really great free WordPress themes for new blogs, especially on

These themes are also available for installation on self-hosted WordPress sites, but you have even better collection of themes to choose from in that case. In case you are interested for the latter one, check out these wonderful free themes for self-hosted WordPress websites.

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Also, something exciting happened.

We have grown into a family of 300 followers! I can’t thank you all enough! Love you guys! I want to be faithful to blogging forever!

But why am I writing about this?

It has been four months since I started my blog, I have always looked for a theme which would be the best fit for my blog. But, I was confused as the list of free themes can be a bit overwhelming for absolutely new bloggers like me. And another problem was that there weren’t many blog posts discussing themes, most of them are for I was not satisfied with the way my blog was looking, and had to check out the themes on individually. It was really time-consuming and I don’t want anyone else going through the same hustle. So, I thought of making a short list of themes which are pretty nice for new blogs.

What to look for in a theme for a blog?

If you are like me, you might find these features extremely useful in a theme.

  • Responsive (to help your website load faster on different devices)
  • Post excerpts (to make it easier for reader to scroll through your blog posts)
  • Widget Area, Sidebar or footer or both (to display important stuff like follow blog button, archives, categories, disclaimer, etc.)
  • Featured content area (to highlight your best blog posts)

5 Free WordPress Themes great for new blogs

Baskerville 2

Baskerville 2 on different devices

Baskerville 2 has all the features I mentioned above. It has post excerpts, featured content area, both sidebar and footer widget area and is also responsive.

Dyad 2

Dyad 2 is a beautiful theme and I love it’s featured content area. Your best posts appear as slideshow on the top of your blog. The featured images are also highlighted beautifully.


Dara theme

Dara theme is currently active on my blog, and I am really liking it. It has everything I needed for my blog and I would love to recommend it to many others.

Penscratch 2

Penscratch 2 is the cleanest theme on It has nice set of features (sonewhat similar to Dara) and can be great for personal blogs.


Toujours theme

Toujours is pretty clean theme and has a nice featured content area. Like Dyad 2, it highlights your best posts as slideshow on the top of your blog.

There you have it all!

Thank you so much for reading. This was a bit different post for my blog. Let me know whether it was of any help.

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23 thoughts on “5 Best Free WordPress themes”

  1. Nice to see someone who’s just starting out to venture and write about these things. I like that you kept your suggestions on the level you’re on as a newbie blogger.
    Choosing the right theme is very important, as that is your storefront to the world. If people don’t like what they see at first glance it’s less probable they will be interested in what’s “inside the store”.
    The next logical step is to pay attention to your content, as your blog might be the best marketing asset you have. Treat it with respect. Write your material for people, not for search engines. It’s people that will be reading your posts and coming back for more if the content has value for them.

    Make your material 100% unique and original. DO NOT USE PLR unless it’s for research and inspiration purposes. Write your own stuff, whatever your style is.

    Here’s an article on some basic evergreen on-page SEO that could be helpful:

    Keep up the good work. If you’re consistent with the quality and originality, results will come.

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