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The Feelings Tag and a bit of art

Answering the Feelings Tag and sharing a bit of art I made.

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Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award Nomination

Esdi Blogs got nominated for Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award. Answering the questions.

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The Outstanding Blogger Award nomination

For the first time getting nominated for the Outstanding Blogger Award.


When did you realise these things about Tom and Jerry?

Tom and Jerry, iconic cartoon series had some hidden messages which many of us took time to realise. Here are some of those.

English Literature

4 Marvelous Roald Dahl Books Which Enthralled our Childhood

Roald Dahl was called one of the best storytellers in English. Here are his children's books which we enjoyed.

English Literature

4 Reasons why Harry Potter series is the best for beginners

Harry Potter series might be one of the best options for beginners to read. Here are four reasons why.