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The Mystery Blogger Award and a Bit of Art

Sharing a portrait, bits of motivation and humour while answering the questions of my Mystery Blogger Award nomination.

Poetry and Art

Her Hatred (Poem)

I wanted to write this poem on self-hatred because it has been more than once I faced something very similar to it.

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Blog Plans and Never Have I Ever Book Tag

Setting new plans for the blog and participating in the Never Have I Ever Book tag

Poetry and Art

The Poetry of Untold

I tried writing poetry. Hope you like it. I have written many of them long ago, but never shared majority of them just because I wasn't confident and didn't have a platform before.

English Literature

The Secret of Plants in the Environment

Reviewing "The Secret of Plants in the Environment" by Dr.Rishikesh Upadhyay, and delving deep into how plants respond to stress.

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Liebster Award

Let's get personal on dreams, mental health and more while answering the thought provoking questions of my Liebster Award nomination.


A Freebie for you all!

Blog Planner freebie for you all to keep track of your blogging goals and milestones.

Poetry and Art

Amateur Calligraphy

Amateur tries to create motivational quotes using calligraphy.

Blogging Milestones

Blog Birthday and 100+ followers

One month blog birthday and accessing what I got till now.