Letters to Jupiter by Lotté Jean book cover
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Letters to Jupiter

Hello, everyone! It has been ages since my last post (18 days to be exact!). Hope you all are doing well. Today I have a pleasant surprise for you all.

It’s very normal to think about abstract realisations when I let my mind go wherever it wants. These realisations are sometimes, deeply personal, or it can also be extremely universal. Many of you might have faced the same.

Now, most of the time, we forget, or at least try to forget about these emotions when we restrain our mind and stop letting it go. So, all those thoughts are lost in nothingness.

But, what if you finally decide to be heard? What if you want the world to know about those truths and secrets? What if you actually realise that sharing those will help the world?

Then you should do what Lotté has done.

Write it down, and let the world read it.

That’s how I am introducing you to the book we’ll be reviewing today.

Letters to Jupiter Book cover

“Letters to Jupiter is a poetry collection that explores a tale of the fragility of the mind. With each poetic letter, written by an unknown narrator seeking to let go of the past, we see life at its darkest time, brightest, and examine how much a person can grow after a life-changing event.”

Thoughts before reading :

I recently rediscovered my love for poetry, and I can’t believe Lotté, the author herself sent me an ARC at such right time. I was naturally very excited for writing this review.

My Review :

Letters to Jupiter is the debut poetry collection of Lotté Jean. Let us wish a big congratulations to Lotté on her debut!

The best thing about her book is that it pictures such a wide range of feelings with simplicity. Most of the poems are short, but the poet ensures that each and every word brings out their subtle emotions.

Lotte has spoken out, and her voice not only speaks for herself, but for every one of us in today’s world. As I said before, some of the poems are personal, some are very universal.

She has talked about toxic relations and broken heart.

She has spoken as a modern girl, lost in a system she doesn’t know how to escape. She expressed how she wants to break free and “bleed life into this world”, which deeply rings unheard sentiments of many.

There is hope, “tomorrow will always be beautiful”, also there is sorrow, “you have caused chaos
in this heart you ruptured”. Just like there is truth, there are also secrets; “differing between the false and good is a game that we all will
still have to play. No matter how many times we are played.”

As I said, the poems are short, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is the directness, the poet’s message reaches the reader right away. The bad thing is, you might crave for more. But no worries, we can wait for the future, and hope Lotte writes more and more wonderful books. Let’s all support her in her journey!

If you love poetry, and particularly modern, short form poems (those which are becoming increasingly famous on social media like Facebook and Instagram), you will love this book.

Letters to Jupiter will be released on 16th February, that’s only 10 days away! You can pre-order the book now.

Want to take a look at the poetry of Letters to Jupiter? Check out this exclusive poetry extract on Lotté’s blog.

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    1. Thank you so much! That’s so cute! I haven’t read all of my sweet blogger friends’ posts for three weeks!😣Plus, my school will reopen!🥺


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