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4 Reasons why Harry Potter series is the Best for beginners

Are you contemplating to build up the habit of reading? Check out our post on reasons why Harry Potter series might be the perfect choice for you.

4 Marvelous Roald Dahl Books Which Enthralled our Childhood

Roald Dahl was known to be one of the best storytellers in English literature. Check out our post featuring some of his marvelous books which enthralled our childhood.

When did you realise these things about Tom and Jerry?

Tom and Jerry, the iconic franchise has been objected to the obsession and fascination of a large number of people. Check out our post featuring some thoughts on the over 80-year-old cartoon series.

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I try to cover interesting ideas on Literature, Entertainment, Poetry and Art in fresh and concise blog posts and I am always ready to accept all kinds of feedback from your side.

My blog posts sport the following qualities :

  • Interesting
  • Creative
  • Concise
  • Conversational
  • Engaging

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