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Blog Plans and Never Have I Ever Book Tag

Hello everyone! It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas to all of you. And I wanted to utilize this very special occasion to thank you all for the wonderful support you showered on my blog ever since I created it.

As a beginner to blogging, I primarily thought of writing about books, with a reader-centric approach. But, as a reader, I am not as voracious as many of you are. So, I tried including entertainment and creativity in my blog posts. And the results were not bad. I wrote a post on Tom and Jerry, the iconic franchise; shared a portrait I made and finally, after a lot of mind-whoosing, published a poem on this blog.

A big thanks to Soni’s thoughts, who reviewed my poem, and also reblogged it on her blog and boosted my confidence in writing poetry. Not to mention the immense support you all showed through your precious comments and reblogging. I will be publishing more poems on my blog. But, I have thought of some new plans for my blog and some changes to the old ones.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Blog Plans :

I have thought of redefining the purpose of my blog, fix a posting schedule and plan a blogging break.

  • I would like my blog to be called a Personal Blog from now on. There will be bookish and creative content, including but not limited to book reviews, commentaries, poetry and art. I’ll publish more poetry and art pieces.
  • From now on, I’ll publish on every Saturdays.
  • I’ll take breaks, as the next year would be an extremely busy one for me. I’ve thought of going on hiatus in February 2021.

I really want to make this blog a long-term venture. I hope you all would keep your relation with this blog strong and evergreen.

Now, let’s begin with today’s tag.

I wanted to write about something fun and positive today, so I thought of participating in a book tag. I really love book tags but it takes me ages to write about them, and I apologize for that. Today, I’m here with the Never Have I Ever Book Tag.

I was tagged by two extremely sweet teen book bloggers, Nehal and Jheel. Check out their beautiful blogs, I’m sure you’ll love them. Both of them have written wondrous book reviews; besides, Nehal also writes poetry and she has also written a series of six word stories, and Jheel has a blossoming passion for art which she frequently shares with her readers.

The Rules :

  • Link back to original creator: Madame Writer.
  • Link back to the person who tagged you or the blog where you first saw this tag.
  • Answer all prompts.
  • Add one more prompt of your own.
  • Tag at least 5 people.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Have fun!

My answers :

If my answer is yes, I’ll get one point. If it’s no, then I’ll get nothing. I’ve got 14 prompts, let’s begin with the answers.

Never Have I Ever read a later book in a series before reading the first book

Yes, I have done that. I have read Sherlock Holmes adventures by Arthur Conan Doyle, the Secret Seven and Famous Five series of Enid Blyton, and a huge bunch of Bengali detective fictions including Feluda, Byomkesh series without following their order, mostly because the later books aren’t related to the first books as such. So, I get one point here.

Never Have I Ever burned a book

Never! Who does that? Unless we are thrown into the society in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, where books are outlawed and firemen burns them, nobody in their right mind would burn a book. (By the way, I’ve wanted to read Fahrenheit 451 for so long, hope I can read it as soon as I get some holidays. Have you read the book?)

Never Have I Ever read a book I knew I would hate

Yes, I didn’t even read it properly, I skimmed the pages. The book is A Handful of Sunshine by Vikram Bhatt. The book is quite predictable, with the weird “love at first sight” theme, boy stalking the girl and I really didn’t like the clichΓ© storyline.

Never Have I Ever wrote a fanfiction about my favorite books

Yes, I have written so many. Most of the times, I like to include myself as a character in the fanfiction, and think of myself doing all sorts of amazing stuff. I have written over thirty pages of Harry Potter fanfiction. So, another point for me!

Never Have I Ever loved a book when I was young and hated it when I got older

Yes, but I won’t call it hate, it’s just disliking. But in some old classics, women were prejudiced against a lot of social customs. When I was younger, I didn’t realise those, but now I understand why they weren’t right.

Never Have I Ever dressed up as one of my favorite literary characters

Sadly, no! I would love to do it someday.

Never Have I Ever hated a book by an author I love

Again, I won’t say I hated it, but there was a controversy surrounding a part of a plot in the book Witches by Roald Dahl which I realised later. The book gives a kind of message to children that “they can avoid growing up by dying” [Cite Wikipedia], which is not a great thing.

Never Have I Ever gone into a bookstore to buy one book and come out with many more

No, actually I rarely buy books, me and my sister mostly got them as prizes, and I also read a lot of ebooks.


Never Have I Ever read the end of a book before reading the beginning

Yes, I have done it multiple times.

Never Have I Ever read a book without the dust cover

No, the dust cover protects the book. I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Never Have I Ever skim read nearly half a book

Yes, I mentioned it previously. A Handful of Sunshine by Vikram Bhatt.

Never Have I Ever spoiled a book for someone.

I have done that to my friends multiple times.😁

Never Have I Ever seen the movie before reading the book

Yes, I have watched lots of Bengali movies before reading the books they are based on. Movies like Pather Panchali (the Oscar-winning creation of Satyajit Ray) are even better than the original book. But, in case of English movies, I prefer reading the books first, because it helps me understand the movie well.

I get 9 points out of 14. Not bad, right?

I would add my own prompt :

Never Have I Ever lost a book

I haven’t, have you ever lost a book?

I tag you!

I would really appreciate you all participating in this fun tag. Particularly if you are a book lover, you would really enjoy writing this.

So, that’s all from today’s post.

To remind you once again, from now on, I’ll publish new posts every Saturdays.

Follow Esdi Blogs for more bookish and creative posts. And enjoy your day to the fullest.

Keep supporting! Spread love!

42 thoughts on “Blog Plans and Never Have I Ever Book Tag”

  1. Loved reading your answers..aww..Pather Apu and Durga a lot…and Bibhutibhushan, fro being a nature-lover..I love him..I read a lot of his novels and stories..and Yes ami bangali..are you?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you soo much, same to you. I am so sorry for not replying sooner, WordPress is again spamming comments for no reason!😒


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