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Waiting for my Hogwarts letter

Ever since I read Harry Potter, I wondered why I wasn’t sent my Hogwarts letter yet. I remember making wild theories to justify that I still had chances of visiting platform nine and three quarters.

What if there was some disastrous events going on in the Wizarding World? What if they are on the brink of something like a third Wizarding War? What if I was unjustly not called because I was Muggle-born? What if the owl sent to me was caught by some weird Muggle? What if my letter was eaten by the Muggle dog? Or cat? Or BABOON?!

But you know, Muggles can never prevent a Hogwarts letter from getting delivered to its rightful owner. Didn’t you know about the foolishness of the Dursleys? So, I was made to think, what if the best theory my sweetest friend propounded was absolutely true?

My friend said, Hogwarts might have updated their curriculum. Witches and wizards have finally realised the importance of learning Muggle stuff like Mathematics, Logical reasoning, Physics – so it’s now mandatory for witches and wizards to have a high school level education, certified by Muggles – then only they’ll get their letters.

I felt this to be the most probable reason – so I continued struggling in the Muggle world.

And once I started my blog, I met more people like me, waiting for their letters, once they are done with high school.

Are you one of them? Let me know. Life is a struggle when you live with Muggles. Share your struggle story and get featured on Wizarding Forbes 30 under 30 list!

See you on Forbes!

33 thoughts on “Waiting for my Hogwarts letter”

    1. I changed my site address. Maybe that’s the reason. I myself am facing lots of glitches.πŸ˜” Thank you so much for checking out. I am humbled by your kindness.

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  1. Esdi, could I convert you to serious writing for grown-ups? Tomorrow morning there is my Literary post to look-up, please remember. Nice to have you back.
    Be careful with magic or you might disappear!


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  2. No, I haven’t!!! Sorry!Apologies! It is perfect. I am working and also answering well over 40 emails. Still, dreadful omission. I must whack myself with a wet fish as a penance.


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  3. Yeah, maybe that’s the reason, but I am still waiting, maybe magic also manifests (did you get the reference?)in us like powers do in KOTLC and we will be getting it later? Hopefully….
    Awesome post by the way!

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