A Freebie for you all!

I have seen so many bloggers giving away beautiful gifts to their readers. So, I made something for you all as well. Amidst the pandemic, you might have found it stressful to fulfill your blogging plans. So I made a blog planner for your use.

Blog Planner

It’s in image format, so you can easily download it and get it printed!

You can print multiple copies and use it for the upcoming months, as you can see, it is fit for all months use.

I would be very happy if it comes to your use. Don’t forget to tell me if it did! Would wait for your response.

And share this to your blogger friends as well. It would mean a lot to me!

And once again, those who haven’t submitted their feedback to my blog can get the feedback form here. I would be very grateful if you suggest me on ways to improve my blog. And a big thanks to those who have already submitted their feedback. I have gone through your valuable suggestions and will be improving likewise.

Thank you so much for reading! Follow Esdi Blogs for more such freebies.

Keep supporting! Spread Love!

21 thoughts on “A Freebie for you all!”

    1. Don’t apologise, dear! I am a newbie so I must acquaint myself with criticism and improve likewise. You won’t believe I have thought about it previously as well. But I’m afraid that I might have to change my site address for that and that would make my current address broken. Actually some super supportive bloggers have shared that address on their blog. Deep down I know I will have to change it anyways someday, besides I’m gravely insecure whether I’ll be able to continue my blog even five months from now. Days are passing and some unavoidable things are getting on me.


    1. No need to worryโ˜บ I am doing well, it’s just because I am new to everything, so it’s kind of overwhelming besides my pre-existing routine. Thank you so much for reaching out. I’ll surely contact you in need.


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