When did you realise these things about Tom and Jerry?

Tom and Jerry, the iconic franchise has been objected to the fascination and obsession of a large number of people across all age groups. While on surface, we saw the series portraying comic fights between a cat and a mouse, there were a number of things in the series which many of us took time to realise.

  1. Tom and Jerry as opponents

While many blogs have already discussed how Tom and Jerry were actually friends in support of each other, quite a few have focused on how they had an educative opposing natures as well. Tom had always been persistent in his aim to catch Jerry. This made us realise how, no matter how many times you were fooled or defeated, you should continue fighting against your opponents.

2. Intelligence is mightier than physical enormity

Though many tend to go against Jerry for not being punished for his mischiefs against Tom, this plot shows something contrary to social stereotypes. While in reality, most of the people with higher social positions are the ones to deprive people who don’t hold much influence, the franchise shows how, by virtue of intelligence and mindfulness, one can defeat people with greater power and influence.

3. Unity is strength

While this may sound a bit cliche, one cannot deny the implicit yet meaningful message behind Tom and Jerry’s unity against their common enemies. In times of need, one must not hesitate to bond with people who may have opposed them at some point of time.

We agree a number of blogs have featured Tom and Jerry many a times, Esdi Blogs tried to emphasise the points which not many people appreciate. Tell us about your views on the topic.

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P.S. : Did you know that Tom and Jerry is an 80 years old franchise? Let us know in the comments if you had binge-watched the show as a child or an adult.

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