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4 Reasons why Harry Potter series is the best for beginners

Are you among those people who have been contemplating to pick up the habit of reading during this lockdown? Then here are 4 reasons why Harry Potter series might be the best starter for you.

Easy, lucid language

If you are a beginner, easy and lucid language is the first thing you should look for while reading. That not only makes sure you understand the plot well, but also makes you attached to reading, thus, helping you to build it up as your habit or hobby.

Harry Potter series are written in quite beginner-friendly language and thus, we have our first reason.

Gradually Advancing Plot

As a beginner, you would definitely wish to read stories with a gradually advancing plot, neither too complex, nor too boring. Harry Potter series starts with an eleven year old Harry discovering himself being a part of a  world completely different from what is common, and gradually delves into subtly darker themes. You will experience that tension which will keep you attached to the plot, with the healthy graduating storyline.

Undeniably Valuable Life lessons

According to the Wizarding World website, Harry Potter series teaches 8 important life lessons to it’s readers. How true friendship can get you through anything, how bravery comes in many forms, how it’s okay to ask for help to face your fears and sometimes you can’t avoid a heartbreak, how money isn’t everything, how true love lasts, always – everything sums up to the incredibly amazing book series.

Becoming a Part of the Enchanting Fandom : Potterheads

Potterhead refers to the fans of the Harry Potter series. And even after being nearly two decades old, the fandom continues to be one of the most attached, dedicated fandoms of any novel series. And becoming a part of the fandom comes with perks like getting your Hogwarts house, your magical wand, your patronus and many more.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s begin our journey to the Diagon Alley!

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43 thoughts on “4 Reasons why Harry Potter series is the best for beginners”

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    1. Merci beaucoup pour ce joli message. J’apprécie beaucoup votre commentaire. Mais je ne comprends pas le français😢.de toute façon, passe une bonne journée😇


  2. I completely agree with your points. Harry Potter books are definitely the books that I recommend to someone who hasn’t fallen in love with reading yet. Harry Potter series is guarantee to make anyone fall in love with reading! 🧡

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  3. Thanks , I have just bеen ѕеarching for info about this topic for ages
    and yours is the best I’ve came upon so far. But, what concerning the bottom line?
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      1. Hey! I think you changed your site address. It would be good if you update your Gravatar profile accordingly, so that people find it easier to access your blog directly through your comments. Sorry for such a boring advice!😅

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